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CRM Congress: 250 visitors experience successful Customer Relationship Management

At the CRM Congress 2017 in Giessen, Germany on 19 and 20 October, visitors were taken on a surprising time travel journey. By means of the famous DeLorean from the movie Back to the Future, guests from seven countries were guided through the past three decades.

Visit the CURSOR CRM Congress 2017

Thrilling software and top-of-the-line consulting services – the CRM Congress 2017 will give you a comprehensive overview of the topics customer relationship and business process management. Visit the CRM Congress in Giessen, Germany on 19 and 20 October 2017 to…

Fit for the digital future: CRM Congress shows 150 visitors how to successfully tackle digitalization

“When planning the congress, we wanted to create even more opportunities for communication and interaction. This worked out really well, and we further showed how digitalization can be used as an opportunity for more success. It will be difficult to top this year’s congress, but we already have some ideas for next year when we will celebrate the 30th year anniversary of CURSOR” – this is the conclusion of Thomas Rühl, CURSOR CEO.

Together. Thrilling. Thriving. The CRM Congress 2015 Presents Thrilling Customer and Process Management in Practice.

‘I am amazed how close and lively the cooperation between customers and CURSOR is and how quickly innovations are implemented together’ – this statement is representative of the numerous positive reviews by participants of the CRM Congress. On 8th and 9th October, they experienced two highly informative days full of discussion opportunities at Forum Volksbank in Giessen, Germany. With more than 150 guests from seven countries, not a single seat was left empty.