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Innovative and Successful: CURSOR is Honoured as Top Innovator

CURSOR Software AG once again belongs to the 100 most innovative companies in Germany, it was announced on 27 June 2014. For more than 20 years, the “Top 100” award of the initiator compamedia has signified innovative ability, thirst for knowledge and team spirit. Ranga Yogeshwar, journalist and TV presenter, honoured Germany’s most successful ideas factories in front of more than 1,000 guests at the German SME Summit in Essen.

CRM and Energy Logistics: Integration Optimizes Sales Processes

EVI, das CRM für Energie, sorgt im Zusammenspiel mit der Energielogistik-Lösung von AKTIF Technology für reibungslose Prozesse im Energievertrieb.

From the first contact with the interested party through all energy logistics processes to the billing and the auditing; by integrating their solutions, CURSOR and AKTIF Technology ensure a continuous information flow in electricity and gas sales.

Available Now: Version 2014 for CURSOR-CRM, EVI and TINA

Software, die begeistert: CURSOR-CRM ist ab sofort in der neuesten Version 14.1 verfügbar.

Software that is made to impress: CURSOR-CRM, EVI and TINA are available in the newest version 2014 now. Numerous innovations ensure even more flexibility and efficiency - e.g. the analysis of relationship networks, improved solutions for tablets and smart phones, the integration of web content and new features for Business Process Management.

Seal of Quality "Software Made in Germany" for CURSOR

Durchdachtes Design, praxisbewährte Lösungen, ausgereifte Produktionsverfahren, stetige, begeisternde Innovationen, kompetenter Kundenservice – Software Made in Germany! Grafik: BITMi e.V.

CURSOR-CRM has been awarded the quality seal SOFTWARE MADE IN GERMANY. Under the patronage of the Ministry of Economics and Technology, the Federal Association of ICT-SMEs of Germany (Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V.) awards products that offer great practical applicability, superior quality, high investment security and first-class service.