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  • CRM + BPM software

    that will thrill you

Welcome to CURSOR: Your CRM-Specialist!

Crucial information about customers, market partners, enquiries and orders are lost in the vast flood of daily data. Business processes cannot be continuously processed because vital knowledge is stored away somewhere, collecting dust. Employees are too busy compiling information instead of using it profitably for your company. Does this sound familiar?
What is needed here is a coherent information and communication platform. A software that bundles all information about customers, market partners and business processes and provides them on demand to employees – regardless of time or location. Only this way, the right decisions can be made at the right time.
Therefore, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a topic that can be crucial in your business success. Our applications allow you to sell to, market to and serve your customers flexibly and effectively.
CURSOR Software AG is among the world's leading providers of CRM applications. When we are asked how we would characterise ourselves, we cite the following three main components of our business:

  1. A highly professional and unique application structure
  2. Top-level technology
  3. First-class consulting services

All three combined lead to maximum customer satisfaction. The result is a repurchase quote of 100%, of which we are very proud.
Our company provides your business with a tried and tested set of industry-specific CRM applications, empowering you to consistently deliver superior customer experiences and to establish more profitable customer relationships.

Check out the advantages of these top-of-the-line CRM solutions for your company! We will be glad to assist you.

User Statements

  • WISAG Service Holding: Service, Flexibilität und Leistungsfähigkeit

    "CURSOR's service, flexibility and performance are convincing. With CURSOR-CRM, we have an ideal IT basis for corporate growth."

    Dirk Scherer, IT Project Leader, Support & Administration, WISAG Service Holding GmbH & Co. KG
  • akf servicelease optimiert Geschäftsprozesse mit CURSOR CRM

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    "We can customize CURSOR-CRM extensively by ourselves and without any programming. Therefore, the software optimally supports our business model of keeping the time to market as short as possible."

    Michael Bernhardt (second from left), IT Manager, akf servicelease GmbH
  • REFORM Maschinenfabrik: Wir nutzen unsere CRM-Lösung von CURSOR seit über 10 Jahren

    "We have been using our CURSOR-CRM solution for more than 10 years as a basis for a systematic market development. Especially the sales and service teams have profited from optimized processes and transparency in the day-to-day business."

    Jürgen Linke, Head of Sales and Service, REFORM Maschinenfabrik Adolf Rabenseifner GmbH & Co. KG

Why CURSOR? Profit from our experience!

Since its foundation in 1987, CURSOR has focussed on customer relationship managment and business process management. Today, CURSOR Software AG is one of the leading providers of CRM solutions. Thanks to this experience, our products possess unique features, which is why we positively stand out from our competitors. We are happy to offer you comprehensive service and support, and you will receive your complete solution from a single source, including:

  • Business process consulting
  • Software projecting and implementation of industry-specific applications
  • Practice-oriented user training
  • Professional support and continuous development
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